Eloping/Wedding at a Sandals All-Inclusive Resort from a US Photographer

So you’re thinking about getting married at a Sandals All-Inclusive Resort?! Do it!! There are so many great benefits in doing so and we are going to talk about some of those benefits as well as photography/videography services!

Benefits of Getting Married at a Sandals

1.With your stay, your wedding can be FREE! Keep in mind that this means the ceremony, wedding planning team, marriage documentation, officiant and more! There are also plenty of add-ons if you wanted to spice up your elopement/wedding just a little bit! 

2.If you stay more than 7 nights, you get even more perks! This includes money towards a room upgrade!

3. You can have an elopement or an actual wedding! As far as guests, I do not believe that there is a maximum about of guest that can attend! Keep in mind, this is a resort so lodging is limited, however, bring all the guests you want! Or if you want it to just be you and your partner? That works too! There is truly something for everyone here.

4.If you do plan on having guests, you will get a code for them to use during the stay. Why does Sandals do this? That way they know how many rooms are reserved for your big day because the more rooms booked with that code, more perks you can receive!

5. You will have a wedding planning team to help you throughout the process! Marriage license, location of the ceremony options and everything else… they are really here to help you.

To get a FULL list of what Sandals has to offer, please go to the link here.

Photography/Videography Services

You want to know another great thing about getting married at a Sandals? They provide their own photography/videography services! They are highly qualified and capture everything! 

However, are you interested in hiring a photographer that is from the United States? Can you do this? Yes you can! In order to hire a photographer/videographer, they MUST stay a minimum of 3 nights so you do not receive an additional fee. Literally that is it!  

Ourselves we have photographed 2 elopements at Sandals and have had no issues, have worked great with the staff to include a Sandals videographer during one elopement! Again, their staff is very qualified, but these are questions that we get often and wanted to answer them for you all. Have specific questions about our services and pricing? Please contact us!


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