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Hello and thank you for stopping by and checking out my website! So, a little about me, I acquired an interest in photography at a very young age. I remember getting a new camera nearly every Christmas from my parents. I started this journey shooting my family members, pets and nature. A few years ago I was asked by some family friends to photograph their family portraits, which was very exciting for me but daunting to say the least. From that moment on I began to honestly study the art of photography. In late 2015 I officially created my business (With a nudge from my wife, Nickie).


Since creating my business I am excited to say that it has kept growing. I have experienced nearly every genre of photography and really want to keep exploring. Although some moments and poses are staged, I am truly passionate about the “Real moment.” I love the challenge of evoking that real emotion from my clients. I am an artist and I am so very passionate about my craft. The feeling I get when I capture that awesome, magical, real moment is unreal.


My wife, Nickie and I love working together. She is with me at every wedding and is a heck of an assistant. She helps me to make sure that all the small details are just right, whether it be posing, someone’s hair is out of whack, or if I need someone to hold a flash. Her assistance helps me to better focus on the creative side of photography and get the shot just right.

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Cutest Lumberjack in the forest








2019 Shoot & Share photo contest awards