The importance of an engagement session before your wedding

Engagement pictures are so important for the newlyweds to be! Why you ask? For a few different reasons. We have had some couples who have opted out of engagement pictures, which is totally fine, but we believe that they are one of the most important things that you could do during your engagement. Below are our reasons why.

  1. You will have these pictures forever.

Engagement pictures are the perfect way to show stepping stones into your relationship! We have seen many different couples, including my wife and I, who make a pre-wedding album. This album consists of the first pictures ever taken together, adventures you all have gone on, the engagement, and it continues up until the wedding. Engagements are my favorite because there is nothing more special than the love you see when you have pictures taken for the first time.

  1. Save the dates

These are super important whether you believe it or not! Whether your Save the Date is sent via mail or electronically, these pictures allow people to see your relationship from a different perspective. Sending these allows for a personal touch for those closest to you.

  1. So you and the photographer can get to know each other.

Who feels awkward in front of new people and a camera ✋ We hear this so many times! Engagement sessions allows for that awkward feeling to go away and for you all to get comfortable with your photographer. If you’re not comfortable you can see the stiffness in the pictures! Everyone wants candid, loose, beautiful and loving pictures. Help create that by having an engagement session and getting to know you’re photographer.

4. Style

One reason you might have picked your photographer is because of their style, or the look their photographs. All photographers have a different style and different way of doing things. BUT, even though you like the look the photographer photographs, you as a person may have a look you want to achieve. Maybe you like the more candid, landscape, basic or adventurous type of session. We want to know what you like so we can achieve this!

The truth is, there are so many reasons as to why an engagement session with your wedding photographer would be beneficial and amazing for you all. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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